Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {8/13/12}

1/// Candy fix at the movies. I saw The Campaign. Twas HYSTERICAL!
2/// My Mother is the sweetest woman I know. She's just kidding, don't worry. {Also, I know it's kind of weird that she's not listed as "Mom" in my phone. But my contacts look all unorganized if everyone doesn't have a first AND last name. It just looks messy! #OCDTendencies}
3/// Mini-Diet Cokes will be the death of me.
4/// Sunday baking adventures. This sugar cookie recipe is AMAZING. Sharing it soon!
5/// So, I watched Mermaids: The Body Found on the Discovery Channel, totally thinking it was real & getting SUPER stoked that Mermaids exist. Towards the end I started to get skeptical because some of the footage looked fake, but I was still down to believe in Mermaids. They were, like, REALLY convincing with all their science and stuff. Then at the end of the program, they tell you {in teeny tiny letters} that it's fake! UM, WHAT?!?!?! My life is ruined.
6/// Sunday lounging by the pool with Megan. Getting my Mexican tan on.

What a weekend. So crazy to think I only have 2 more left in Ohio before I leave for LA. Does it seem like every post recently has been centered around my move? That's not surprising, as it's pretty much been the only thing on my mind for the past couple of weeks. I'm just so pumped! This week is my last week at work, then I'll have 2 weeks to finish packing and get stuff done before my move to LA.  I think priority #1 might be working on my tan. What?!! I think they like MAKE you have a tan in LA.

JK!... But seriously.

xo Carmen


  1. Don't worry! My mom isn't listed as "Mom" either. :]

  2. I heard about the Mermaid special and TOTALLY want to see it. I'm on your team. I just want to believe mermaids are real so badly that I'll watch anything that may or may not be lying to me about it.
    Also, my boyfriend worked on The Campaign. Super proud of him and thought it was hilarious too :)

  3. my mom is listed as her first and last name too!! i like it organized as well - and this way my mom and dad are next to each other. and all of these pictures look great!

    and i never realized you were in ohio at all!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  4. I totally have my mom listed like that as well. It just makes everything look better

  5. Totally following on the mom thing! And wow, only 2 weekends until the big move, exciting!

  6. i also have my mom listed with her first and last name... not weird at all! :)


  7. SO with you on the mermaids! I was SO into it until they FINALLY showed the footage at the end. What a bummer.


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