Friday, September 14, 2012

A Perfect LA Evening In.

So, I'm usually a big beer drinker. I love nothing more than an Allagash White... or a PBR. And if I'm not drinking beer, it's straight up tequila for this Mexican girl. Can't help it- it's in my blood. But recently I've been upping my wine game, like I think I'm an adult or something. I don't know who I think I'm kidding with this whole wine thing, really? I mean, do I qualify as a big "wine drinker" even if I only buy wine that's on sale for less than $10? Get back to me on that one, Internet. Anyway, one of my new favorite activities in LA is hanging out with my roommate, Caitlyn, and a bottle of wine. Or, more accurately- two bottles of wine. I drink white, she drinks red. It's kind of cute, right? Even though I'm in LA and there are a million and one things to do on any given night, it's kind of the best thing ever to just have a night in hanging out, drinking wine and eating pizza. OH YEAH- they have Two Boots Pizza in LA and it's the best thing ever. I mentioned it on Monday, but let me reiterate the fact that having a Two Boots right down the street makes me inexplicably happy. It's just so comforting having one of my favorite New York staples in such close proximity. 

Quiet nights full of giggles & talking about boys. No complaints here! {Also, aren't we all a little bit jealous of Caitlyn's purple hair?}

Hope you all have an awesome weekend! I've got some pretty exciting stuff lined up :)

xo! Carmen


  1. You two are so gorgeous! I'm not big into wine, and I don't know the first thing about the difference between colors but my sister has been getting me into it more.
    Got to keep it classy, eh?!

  2. You're roommate and i have the same name! :D
    Also, I love her hair.

  3. These are my absolute favorite types of nights. And YES, $10 wine still makes you classy. Heck, I normally don't even pay that much for my wines :)

  4. Giiiiiiiiiiiiiirl!!!!!! There are so many wine bars in LA! Go! Explore! Learn! Take trips to wine country and make me jealous! Shoot, I'm already jealous that you now live in LA.
    My favorite wine bars are all in Venice or West Hollywood (not sure what area you're living in).
    Try: Dry Tour or The Other Room in Venice and get back to me!
    So jealous!

  5. I agree... I am so jealous of her purple hair. Looks like you had an awesome night (but then how can you not with wine and pizza!)

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights

  6. Sounds like the perfect night. I wish I had a friend that lived a little closer to me... :) I do envy your L.A. location at the moment. lol. DC is cool but LA is cooler.

  7. new here!
    I am normally drink Pbr myself but a good glass of red wine is great too! <3


  8. This sounds like an amazing night and yes, her hair is too cool.

  9. i'm totally jealous of her purple hair! & yea! I love that wine too!
    girls night is great therapy & reminder to slow down & enjoy life.




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