Sunday, September 2, 2012


I safely arrived in Los Angeles, dudes! Happy to report that the apartment is amazing & I'm already loving LA. Now I just have to unpack about a million boxes and set up my new apartment. Just as exciting as it is overwhelming. But I'm looking forward to it! First comes unpacking- then decorating!! Who doesn't love decorating? Ah, lots to do around these parts. Bear with me while I get settled. And definitely stay tuned for more updates! Happy September, loves!

xo. Carmen


  1. Congrats! what an exciting move, LA baby! Enjoy :)x

  2. oh my. congrats. im so jealous of you!
    i hope its awesome! i cant wait to see more photos of your new place and new adventures.
    nice ikea draws by the way :)

  3. Oh yay! So freaking exciting :) Looking forward to more posts :) xo

  4. Wooooo! Glad your trip went well. Welcome to California! We're so happy to have you :D

  5. This is super!
    I have just arrived in my new place with my Mr and it's great :) It's like Christmas unpacking everything!
    Hope everything goes well for you x

  6. Yay! How exciting! Hope you love your new place :)


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