Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Music Loves.

I feel like my music collection has been lacking lately. I've just been listening to the same stuff over and over again. And, really, there's a limit to how many times a girl can listen to "Give Your Heart A Break" before going totally insane. But FINALLY, lots of new music came out yesterday and I, for one, have extremely happy ears right now. I mean, SO many rad new songs/albums came out in ONE day. There's something for everyone- glitter pop, depressing pop, folksy pop, and like gangsta cool kid pop. If you don't like one of those things, then I really don't know what to do with you. So... go away. Or whatever. But for the rest of you- this Music Mednesday {see what I did there? It's usually Music Monday, but since it's Wednesday, I changed it. Ugh, I am really lame.} is about to be super epic. Here's what I'm going to be listening to on repeat for the next week:

Okay, girls and dudes- I love Ke$ha. A lot. Like, to the point that I will straight up slap a bitch if they try to bad mouth her. And NO, she is not a guilty pleasure. There is nothing guilty about my enjoyment of Kesh Kesh. She represents everything I love in life: glitter, PBR, not showering, rap talking and tacky fashion. She's like my dream girl. If I could invent a Barbie, it would be Ke$ha. YEAH, I said it. This new song of hers is my JAM. I want it to wake me up in the morning and then continue to play on a loop in my head forever and ever. Sure, it's not innovative or like "fresh" for Ke$ha, but damn it if it's not catchy! I just love her so much!!!!

Another girl I will defend to the ends of the Earth- mah main bitch, Lana Del Rey. "But she was bad on SNL!" SHUT UP. You suck. She's awesome. Super awesome. And I like her, so everyone else should, too. OKAY?! {This is how really intelligent people argue a point. Take notes, children.} Her new song is so good. Another song I want to just have play in the background of my day. She's just so damn cool. I think she's so cool that if we met in real life, she would just make fun of me for being so lame. And I'm totally okay with that.

Okay, so now that you think my music taste is crap, {which it isn't!}, allow me to redeem myself. Mumford & Sons. Swoon. Their new album came out yesterday and it's AMAZING. It makes me want to twirl around in a field somewhere. I know I sound crazy, but listen to it and tell me you don't feel like doing some major field twirling. Such brilliant songwriters.

Just so I fully make you guys aware that I'm at least trying to be cool- new Wiz Khalifa song featuring The Weeknd! My love for Wiz has been kind of crazy intense and out of control for a long time, as has been documented on this very blog. This new song is super mellow and vibey. Also, can we talk about how Wiz & Amber Rose are having a baby? Like... I can't even. It's probably going to come out with a joint already in its mouth. Can we start making name predictions? If it's a girl- Chartreuse {because I think Amber really likes the color} Domino {because I think Wiz probably really likes Dominos pizza.} If it's a boy- Taylor {because of the Taylor Gang, obvi} Swisher {weed reference.} I think I'm pretty spot on with those names.

No Doubt. Gwen. Stop being so awesome. She is the queen of my heart. Is it weird that I still want to grow up to be her? Even though I'm 24? Great.

What are you guys listening to this week?

OMG. You guys, how did I forget to include the new Tegan & Sara song?!?!?!?! I don't even know who I think I am. Clearly, first and foremost in my life, I am a T&S Superfan. Like #1. It's kind of a gross obsession. I've seen them live like 8 times or something. By the time I die, I hope that number is at like 97, so it freaks people out when I tell them and they slightly wonder if I might be insane. Ah, life goals. Anyway- their new song "Closer" is my new favorite of all favorites. It makes me want to jazzercise.

xo! Carmen


  1. I can't stop listening to Die Young, it's ridiculous. I wasn't a huge Ke$ha fan before but I'm in love with her now and vow not to shower anymore because of her.

  2. Love all these songs, but I have been OBSESSED with It's Time by Imagine Dragons -- or really every single song by Imagine Dragons. So good.

  3. Loooooove this post! Finding new music to listen to is like an addiction of mine; my horrible attention span needs new things all the time. :P Thanks for posting on this lovely Mednesday. ;)

  4. I think we are soul mates. Just saying. Totes shouted atcha girl on my blog tonight due to your impeccable taste in musica. ;)



  5. I love you and your music taste. I didn't even know Ke$ha had a new song! yay!


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