Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Some of My Ohio Favorites

First of all- thank you for all the sweet comments, tweets and general good vibes about my move to LA. So far, it has been nothing short of amazing. I'm adjusting, eating lots of Mexican food and still trying to learn how to parallel park. But more on that later. {I haven't hit anything yet. Knock on wood!} 

Truthfully, this move to LA has been one of the my favorite moves yet. There were SO many tears shed when I moved from Ohio to New York, and then back from New York to Ohio. It was kind of ridiculous. When I left my office building in New York, having just said goodbye to all of my best friends, I was crying so hard that the cab driver asked me if I wanted him to pull over. I said no, and then called my Mommy and started crying even harder. You know, like any normal adult would. I guess it was the idea that so much was changing, and I knew I probably wouldn't return to New York for a while. But my move to LA has brought only a few tears so far, which I am super thankful for- it's supposed to be a happy time! I think a large part of this is because I know I'll be home in December and reunited with my friends and family for the holidays. It's not like I'll never see them again, obviously. I also had a pretty big going away party at my house just before I left Ohio. It was the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to everyone, and eat a lot of chips and salsa. How can you cry when you're eating chips and salsa?! You just can't. I actually managed to get some pictures of some of my favorite Ohio people {and kiddos, too!} Kind of thinking about framing some of these. People still do that, right? 

1// Jo Jo! Saying goodbye to her was definitely one of the toughest.
2// Michelle & Baby Canyon. How cute is he?!
3// The beginning of a friendship between Meah and Aleena. Missey & I were pretty stoked.
4// I think Meah should win an award for being the most beautiful kid. Like, ever in the history of the world.
5// Mariah, wearing my glasses... Looking better than I do in them.
6// Uncle Eddie & my Dad. Can you tell they're brothers?
7// Sarah & some of my favorite kiddos
8// FINALLY, we got a picture together. Sarah & Missey- already missing them. {Also, I'd just like to say- I'm not a giant, even though I look like it in this photo. They both happen to be tiny humans. I've been Khloe Kardashian-ed!!!}

Okay, not going to lie- looking at these pictures is making me a bit bummed. Why can't I just take all the people I love in the world and put them in the same place? That would make my like 100x better. Oh well- focusing on the palm trees & the beach for now. So lucky to be in LA. It's been my dream ever since I saw California Dreams. {PS- does anyone want to start a California Dreams cover band? I think there's like a HUGE market for it. I want to be Tiffani.}

xo. Carmen


  1. I live in Ohio, and I'm moving to NY! Hopefully soon after I graduate college.

  2. congrats on your big move hun! Cali is so much fun! :D


  3. Ah, this is exciting! Although you're bummed at times about leaving them it's a completely new adventure for you! I can't wait to hear more about it!


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