Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {10/15/12}

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1/// What a babe. Drew at The Village Idiot {Yummy beer & fries!}
2/// This is why she's my best friend. Important things, clearly.
3/// Chino, Drew's dog- who might just be the cutest pug in the world. Love!
4/// A little inspiration found in Hollywood on Saturday.
5/// Sunday brunch with my roommate, Caitlyn. French toast, anyone?
6/// Is it odd that I want to buy this house just because of the adorable mailbox?
7/// Important purchases at World Market

Time is just flying by recently. It's crazy. This weekend was a lot of mellow downtime and over consumption of sugar. You know, the usual. Oh! I also saw Argo, which I highly highly highly recommend you all see. Immediately. Absolutely amazing. Even though it was super intense and I kind of wanted to cry the whole time because I had so much anxiety, it still had lighter, funnier parts that made all the anxiety kind of okay. Does that make sense? Just go see it, okay?! Yay Ben Affleck!! 

PS- the winner of the Paper Love Stationery Giveaway has been announced! Did you win?!

Hope you all had a kickass weekend!

xo. Carmen


  1. THIS is why I want a best friend! A person to remember whether or not I like pizza toppings... Affleck is a beast and a problem! <3 I hope Argo opens here soon.

  2. That dog is adorable and the text is just hilarious. My mister and I are the same with each other. Do I like this? No, you hate it... Every day.
    xo Heather

  3. That text is hilarious, hahaha

  4. That text made me laugh. Have you seen Pitch Perfect? A super fun/cute movie. Plus, Fat Amy is awesome.


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