Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Unique LA

This past weekend, Drew and I went to Unique LA, an independent design show showcasing LA designers and artists. It was both awesome and intimidating to see how many talented people are living and working in this area. I'm still kind of impressed with the fact that I didn't end up buying everything that made me say "OOOOOOH! Drew, come look at this!" throughout the day. So many pretty things.

One of my favorite booths were Scott Coppersmith Designs- who makes these awesome marquee lights. I'm in love with the anchor design. I can totally see hanging that in the living room. Too cute. All of my other favorites from the event were pretty much food related. {Is anyone surprised?} The Donut Snob had me majorly swooning. I love the idea of a fancy donut! Click here to see the rest of the Unique LA vendors.

Click here to see Drew's {way better} photos from the event!

xo! Carmen


  1. Those lights are beyond amazing! How do I get my hands on one?!!? I'm sure you guys had a blast! :)

    xx Ashleigh

  2. I really need to find out about shows like this in Manhatten...It must have been so much fun and inspiring walking through all the displays! I love those lights too w/ the shadowbox effect! Very pretty!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  3. Love all of their light art!

  4. Haha I love your blog! Super Sassy! x

  5. I neeeeeed those light fixture things lol
    Gosh, how fabulous are those?!



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