Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Snapshots {12/3/12}

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1/// Friday night in with the cutest pug.
2/// Saturday morning with my favorite boys. Adorable.
3/// Brunch is kind of the best thing ever. Huckleberry in Santa Monica- so yummy!
4/// I could live off of grilled cheese sandwiches and fries for the rest of my life. {And Diet Coke, obvi.}

RAINY WEEKEND IN LA! Seriously, this weekend was so bizarre. It rained ALL weekend, which is very un-LA. Drizzling, gross rain Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Yuck. As much as I've been craving some Fall/Winter weather, I'm already totally over this rainy weather we've been having. Suffice it to say, I wouldn't last a week in Seattle. I'm ready for sunshine and 80 degree weather again, please!

Drew and I went on a few day-ventures {blogging some photos this week} but other than that, the weekend was spent indulging in a lot of laziness that we blamed on the weather. We managed to watch the entire first season of Girls on Saturday. Now THAT is dedication. Watching a dude watch that show- omg priceless. It's so adorable to hear a guy talk seriously about the characters. "Why would Marnie do that?" "Wait, why does Hannah even like this guy?" Plus, he preemptively knew what was going to happen in each episode. "She's going to end up dumping him." "Duh, it's a wedding!" {PS- I can't wait for season 2!} Then on Sunday, we saw Silver Linings Playbook. Amazing movie! Love love loved it. Perfect for a rainy afternoon.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!

PS- Happy December! November flew by! Can't wait for Christmas :)

xo Carmen


  1. ugh tell me about GIRLS - everyone I know (including me) is obsessed and i love it! and you're so right - my brother watched a few episodes over my shoulder one night and was plum out confused, yet enthralled. who would've guessed?
    oh and i also love grilled cheese way too much and happened upon this recipe ( today so check it!
    glad you had such a lovely weekend!!!

  2. Your dog is the cutest!

    I hope you can send some of that rain down my way. Phoenix is as dry as ever...

  3. Cute photos! I love Girls, too! I also watched all in a lazy weekend!


  4. I want to watch Girls but I just haven't had a chance yet.

    Also that last photo totally has me craving a grilled cheese and fries at 7 am. Too early?


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