Sunday, January 20, 2013

Twitter Roundup- 2

A late edition of Twitter Roundup! My week has been insaaaaaaane. But things have calmed down a bit and I'm enjoying my weekend now. And I'm looking forward to the Patriots game today! So excited to scream at the TV. Anyway, hope you are all having a relaxing weekend. Enjoy some of my favorite funny tweets from this week :)

Conan O'Brien- If I ever get married, I hope that my husband and I have this same agreement.
Anna Kendrick- R. Gossberries is pwning this week's tweets. Also, I now like Anna Kendrick about 1,000,000x more.
Travis Bowe- Why are writers for Family Guy always so damn funny?! I kind of love Dad jokes.
Alex Baze- My new favorite pasttime, especially now that I've got this new feature going, is to stalk Twitter for new funny peeps. Thus, this dude.
Julia Segal- Stand-up comedian. Also, I'm totally going to start using this logic with annoying people.
Molly McAleer- RIIIIIGHT?! Can someone dissect this fact in a really long, overly wordy article on The Atlantic? THANKS.
Sophia Rossi- I nominate we get the word "Catfish" in the dictionary. Noun: Someone who creates a false profile online, particularly to pursue online romance. Verb: To be fooled by someone online that has created a false profile. Bonus points if you exchange I love you's.
Maude Apatow- I'm pretty sure this lady is the luckiest girl in all of the land. Judd Appatow & Leslie Mann's daughter. I kind of think that if I grew up in LA, I could have been her babysitter. But I'd probably try to be the "cool" babysitter and get fired. Ya know?
Mark Duplass- One of my absolute favorite actors/writers. (The League, Safety Not Guaranteed, The Puffy Chair) Also, I really want all of my old naps back.


  1. Anna Kendrick has the most hilarious tweets - I remember reading this one earlier in the week and laughing soo much!
    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights

  2. Whoa, that Anna Kendrick tweet is the balls! (That means it's awesome.) I had no idea she could be so hilarious.

  3. Great round-up! I LOL'ed. I miss Molls, we had a great relationship when I was still committed to my tumblr... *sigh*

  4. Hah, that banksy one is perfect! might have to start using that for all the irritating people.

  5. I LOLd when I read that Anna Kendrick tweet. She and Conan keep my Twitter feed entertaining.


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