Friday, February 8, 2013

16 Again.

Last night was one of those perfect nights that, in the middle of it, I just thought to myself "I want to remember this- I want to remember every detail." Kind of like what you think Prom is going to be like in high school, but then it invariably falls short because, HELLO, it's Prom. Last night at The Roxy, with 450 other screaming fans, I experienced the return of Fall Out Boy, one of my favorite bands and a band that automatically makes me feel 16-years-old again. It was nothing short of amazing from start to finish. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

There's something really, truly special about being in a teeny tiny club with die hard fans of a band that you love. There's this weird connection that forms throughout the night. As much as I love relating to people over TV shows, books and movies, there's nothing quite like being a fan of the same band. Screaming lyrics at the top of your lungs, fists in the air. Absolutely nothing else like it. And shows like last night remind me what it is about music that I truly love, why I worked in the music industry in New York, and why I want to continue working in it now. It's about creating a genuine connection, sharing an experience with people and loving the shit out of a silly little piece of music.

After they announced their return from hiatus, I heard a lot of people referring to Fall Out Boy as their guilty pleasure or admitting that they are embarrassed to still like them. What's the point of that? For me, there really is no such thing as a guilty pleasure. If you love something, you shouldn't feel embarrassed just because someone else might not "get it." Whether it's trashy reality TV, romance novels or a band- none of that should ever be guilty. Love what you love. Listen to what you want. And when your favorite band from when you were 16-years-old reunites, go to their show and scream so loudly you lose your voice. That's what I did, and I woke up this morning still buzzing with excitement and happiness.


  1. Oh my gosh! I can't wait until I see them in June. So excited!

  2. By the way, what songs did they play?

  3. Okay, feelings as promised!!!: Oh gosh first off I am the best kind of jealous that you got to go to this show!!! Like, when I was still in high school I lived three hours north of Chicago so it kills me that I had no possibility of going to their FIRST REUNION SHOW LIKE REALLY!?? But it's fine, since I got up at nine this morning to buy tickets to their show in Boston in May and I was FLIPPING OUT like old school style. (We also crash's fine, it's all good) And I so hear you on all the people that are 'embarrassed' to listen to them. Like, really guys? They were (are) my ALL TIME FAAAAAAVORITE band all through middle and high school, and still into college! Sure I love other bands too, but those guys pulled me through the long haul. My copy of Take This to Your Grave is basically falling apart at home. (It's fine, really) Anyway, it makes me sad that so many people leave behind that time in their life when they get so crazy jazzed about an artist that they can't get enough of them. So many think it's too 'eighth grade' to get all jittery and excited about concert releases and new albums. Excuse me but if anyone tells me that I'm going to "grow out of this music thing" ONE MORE TIME!!! Sigh. Sorry for the crazy rant, but I guess what I'm saying is DO YOU, GIRL! DO YOU!!! LOVE THE BEJEEPERS OUT OF ALL OF THEIR SONGS AND JUST GO CURRRAZY! And I'm glad you had a wonderful time. :]]] PS. a setlist???

  4. I am so jealous that you were there! I love them so much! :(

  5. I feel the exact same way you do about things being your "guilty pleasure". I don't like apologizing for stuff that I like. I just do. Going to shows is so awesome because you get to feel connected to all the people around you. Especially smaller venues where everyone is truly there for the love of the band!
    The band I would DIE for is something corporate. They take me back to being 16 and careless. I love it!
    Glad you had fun!

  6. OH my god, so jealous! I remember seeing Fall Out Boy in like, 2007 and ever since I heard they were coming back I got so excited! I wish I could get tickets to a Chicago show, but I've heard it's sold out already. :(


  7. This is so amazing. I am so so happy that they're back together. No one I know seems to be sharing my excitement though, no one will go see them with me because they 'aren't 16 anymore'. Screw them though, I'll go solo. FOB!!! x


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