Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Thruple's Weekend

Blog absence due to extreme levels of fun. This past weekend, one of my best friends, Liz, came to visit LA! She's been BFF status ever since my very first day in New York. Some genius in the housing office decided to pair us up as roommates Freshman year and it's been lots of inside jokes and giggles ever since. She's one of my favorite humans and my absolute favorite ginger, so I spent pretty much the whole weekend with a smile plastered across my face. I love when friends come to visit! We like to say we're part of a thruple- AKA a three person relationship- with our other BFF, Juliette, who also lives in LA. I guess that's kind of creepy, but whatever. I LOVE MY THRUPLE! The whole weekend we were pretty much all attached at the hip. So thankful to have these two crazies in my life.

1. Liz lookin' all pretty // 2. Quality for brunch- YUM // 3. Juliette being really social // 4. Showing off my major sleepy eyes // 5. Jules & Liz at Venice Beach- home to LOTS of crazy people & marijuana // 6. The person that took this photo of the three of us could NOT have cared less about us or how the photo came out. It was extremely awkward. // 7. Liz being a professional photographer // 8. Friday night work event that I dragged my friends to because I'm an awesome person.


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