Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Wore: The Return of Seafoam

Well hello there! Have you missed my smiling/general weirdness on your internet lately? NO??!?!? GREAT. Well, I've got some gratuitous photos of me sporting lots of layers (including my favorite seafoam green blouse), combined to create what I like to call my "It's weird so it works, okay?" outfit coming at ya, so great ready! It's been a while since I've done a little "What I Wore" photo shoot by myself and somehow I forgot how fun that can be! Really- no sarcasm intended! I mean, it's definitely awkward at first, but eventually it starts feeling semi-normal, and before you know it, you're snapping your fingers and saying "BITCH, YOU BETTER WORK!" as your hair catches in the wind, creating a JLO effect. (Maybe that's just me.) Anyway, my biggest hurdle when figuring out outfit photos has always been location. Luckily, my apartment building has a huge back patio. Hello, new favorite spot to take selfies! 

(Side note: when I went out to take these pictures, there was a man blowing leaves/debris around our back patio. However, as soon as I reached the bottom of the stairs to start setting up my camera, he was gone. I heard rustling on the other side of the patio, but thought nothing of it. After snapping photos for a bit, I headed back upstairs to indulge in a Diet Coke and a ponytail when I heard the leaf blower/noise maker back in full effect. Like, I had barely been in my apartment for 30 seconds, and homeboy was back in action. So he either felt too weird to come out of hiding and disrupt the world's most drawn out selfie shoot, or the timing of that day's events were nothing short of extraordinary and he just happened to return right as I finished. I'm really hoping it's the former. I know I shouldn't because I'm no longer 7-years-old, but sometimes I like to unintentionally make people feel awkward. And, let's be honest, anytime I can get someone to stop making loud noises in our back patio at 8 in the morning is considered a win in my book. So whoever you are, mysterious disappearing leaf blowing, loudest human alive man, thanks for taking a break/hiding/cowering in fear as I took these photos. I appreciate you letting me "do my thang.")

Outfit details: jean top- h&m, blouse- target, jeans- forever 21, booties- target, bracelet- forever 21.


  1. Love your outfit! The colors are perfect together! Seafoam is a great color on you!
    Sincerely, Sara

  2. I too love making people feel awkward! I'm great at increasing sexual tension between friends who not-so-secretly want to bang each other. It's fun.

    (I'm a terrible person.)

  3. This made me laugh...I am both people in this story! Sometimes I like to make people feel uncomfortable, but I will probably also hide in the bushes if I feel werid about something. hahaha!

    xx Ashleigh

  4. It's so inspiring to see really awesome, unique outfits like this that are totally wearable and actually accessible! I'd love to see more, but if your routine is like mine, you get to really "dress up" probably about once every two weeks and you just want to get going instead of taking photos haha.

  5. Wonderful photos and your outfit is AWESOME! I want to do these more, but just don't really have anywhere to take them... Plus I'm always afraid someone is going to come out from somewhere and be like, "What are you doing?!?!" And that's just awkward.



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