Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Errday I'm Tumblin'

Back at that Tumblr thing, ya'll!! Pre-actual blogging days, mostly in college, I spent every spare minute of my life on Tumblr. Yeah, I was a really cool kid. LOTS of friends. SUPER active social life. Jealous? I get it- it's cool. ANYWAY. Now that work/life/everything has me about 200x too busy to blog every night, Tumblr is the perfect solution. For me, it's almost like a better version of Pinterest. I get to curate a website full of my favorite images and words from the internet, whether they're reblogged or posted originally by me. Plus, I can't resist a good GIF.

As much as I love my blog (and I really, really do!) sometimes it's nice to have another place on the internet to post stuff. Not everything "fits" with this blog. I like to keep this blog fairly LOL/cute/happy centric, because that's who I am most of the time. But Tumblr is where I go to explore the other bits of me that I don't post here. Yes, I prefer to smile rather than frown. I prefer optimism to pessimism. I am totally a glass half full girl. But I love having a space to post a copious amount of Nirvana pictures/videos, skull photos and angsty teen crap. And sometimes, a few words of my own writing.

Stop by and say hi :)


  1. I feel the same way too about tumblr versus your own blog. There are just some things that I reblog on tumblr that wouldn't really make sense on my blog, but everything seems to make sense in tumblr-land! And everyone loves a super-edited skull photo on their tumblr. :)

    - kt of bespectacled

  2. I'm the same exact way. Sometimes, I want to just get things out and vent, but I feel like my blog doesn't fit that. I try to stay positive and happy. I have a Tumblr so I'm able to do that, plus there are some gorgeous photographs that need reblogging. ;)


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