Monday, March 25, 2013

Mixtape Monday v10

This weekend, as I watched Clueless for what I can only assume was the 500th time, I remembered just how utterly obsessed I was with the soundtrack when I was younger. Were it not for Clueless, I might never have listened to Supergrass, Radiohead or the Counting Crows. SO many amazing artists and songs on that soundtrack. Cher Horowitz broadened my musical horizons, even at 7-years-old. (Seriously, Clueless came out when I was 7. How is that even possible? I'm imagining my 7-year-old self running around saying "AS IF!" like I actually knew anything about life. Ridiculous. Also- living in LA and FINALLY getting all of the hilarious LA references in the movie- kind of awesome.) ANYWAY, I digress. This is just a long winded way for me to explain that I have been introduced to some of my favorite bands/songs through movie soundtracks over the years. I love the memories tied to music and movies. Anytime I hear a song from a John Hughes movie, I immediately have visions of Molly Ringwald dancing in my head. Music and film are inexplicably linked. These songs are some of my favorites from over the years:

1. The Muffs / Kids In America / Clueless
2. Teenage Fanclub / The Concept / Young Adult
3. Coyote Shivers / Sugarhigh / Empire Records
4. Foghat / Slow Ride / Dazed and Confused
5. The Shins / Caring Is Creepy / Garden State
6. Mumm-ra / She's Got You High / 500 Days of Summer
7. College / A Real Hero / Drive
8. Iron And Wine / Flightless Bird, American Mouth / Twilight
9. Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs / Stay / Dirty Dancing
10. Dawn / Knock Three Times / Now & Then
11. Elton John / Tiny Dancer / Almost Famous
12. Air / Playground Love / The Virgin Suicides
13. Alexi Murdoch / All My Days / Away We Go
14. Kimya Dawson / So Nice So Smart / Juno
15. Simple Minds / Don't You (Forget About Me) / The Breakfast Club

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  1. Ooo this is like the ultimate song/movie playlist! I love it! I know most of these! Awesome songs & awesome movies! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. ahhhh obsessed with all of this. All of John Cusack's movies have epic soundtracks too. Specifically High Fidelity & Gross Pointe Blank. :) Empire Records = all time fave.

  3. Ooh I love this! I'm happy to see College on here :)

  4. I loved Jill Sobule's Supermodel song. The whole soundtrack is great though. As is this list! Love the addition of Simple Minds. Every time I hear it, I always see Judd Nelson walking at the end of the movie and pumping his fist into the air!


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