Monday, March 11, 2013

Mixtape Monday v8

Last week, I blogged about my major obsession with Nashville and this obsession has full on extend itself into my music choices. I seriously can't get enough country music lately. I'm all about the twang, dudes. It's kind of a problem. For some reason, I just feel 10x more dorky when I'm blasting the Dixie Chicks in my car than I do with any other kind of music. But I don't even care anymore. I'm a sucker for good lyrics. I love that (most) country music tells a story. It's so fun to get wrapped up in another world for a few minutes. What about you guys- are you into country or no? When putting together this week's playlist full of my country favorites, I tried to balance some of the classics with newer songs. Embrace the twang!

1. Johnny Cash & June Carter / Jackson
2. Dolly Parton / Jolene
3. Miranda Lambert / Only Prettier
4. Tammy Wynette / Stand By Your Man
5. Billy Currington / People Are Crazy
6. Loretta Lynn / Coal Miner's Daughter
7. Kellie Pickler / Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You
8. Gwyneth Paltrow (LOL) / Country Strong (SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!)
9. Nashville Cast / Telescope
10. Dixie Chicks / Goodbye Earl
11. Sheryl Crow / Leaving Las Vegas
12. Pistol Annies / Hell on Heels
13. Sara Evans / A Little Bit Stronger
14. Carrie Underwood / Jesus, Take The Wheel
15. Nashville Cast / If I Didn't Know Better

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  1. *sigh. Country Carmen? I'm 6 episodes into Nashville and while I enjoy the show, I'm not converting. I'll quit watching it before that happens :)

  2. Though I'm still not into Nashville, my sister is a huge country fan, so it's only made me listen to it more. I actually enjoy it, though it's sometimes depressing as hell. I'm currently in a Miranda Lambert and Luke Bryan phase but this will help me expand on that!

  3. Country rocks, don't hide the love. :)

  4. Yessssssss. Hell on Heels is my personal anthem :)
    Ps; that duet, "Give in to me" from Country Strong is my FAVORITE. So good.

  5. "Jolene" is absolutely one of my favorite songs of all time. I feel the exact same way about country tunes. :)


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