Wednesday, March 13, 2013

That One Time I Lost My iPhone...

This past weekend, something really awesome happened to me: I lost my iPhone in the back of a cab. Yep. That happened. And it was absolutely the worst thing that has happened to me in a LONG time, and I had no one to blame but myself. Here's how it went down:

Drinks were had.
More drinks were had.
I convinced some guy to give me his glowstick. (That's not a euphemism)
Cab ride
Exited cab sans phone, but with glowstick
Mental breakdown.

Yeah, it was not pretty. This used to happen every so often when I was living in New York, but it was a company Blackberry at the time so my freak out was on a much smaller scale. I was completely shocked when I got home and couldn't find my phone anywhere. I feared it was missing but was still 100% convinced that I had it somewhere. Usually it likes to hide in dark corners of my purse. Fun thing about this night, though- I took a teeny tiny clutch. AIN'T NO HIDIN' IN A CLUTCH! So slowly, I started to realize that it was gone. Like, what kind of person loses their iPhone? Then suddenly, it dawned on me. I am the kind of person who loses their iPhone. Being a forgetful hot mess is an art form.

Waking up hungover sans iPhone was even worse than the night before. I knew my phone had to be in the cab. But the question was whether or not the cab picked up people after us who made off with my phone, or if he found it and was keeping it safe because he's an awesome human. I was stressed out as hell and about a million worst case scenarios ran through my head.

Thank GOD for the geniuses at Apple! They saved the day on this one. I already downloaded and installed the Find My iPhone App a few months ago, thinking I would never need it. (HA!) This past Sunday it came in handy like no other. I logged on to and immediately located my iPhone. I could literally see the exact building where the convict who stole my iPhone was holed up. (This is what my mind unravelled to in a matter of minutes. I imagined them tearing my poor little iPhone apart and using her for parts, and throwing my adorable case away like it wasn't the cutest thing ever made.) Knowing my phone was still on, and in an apartment complex near my apartment sort of put me at ease though. After calling the phone a few hundred times with no answer, I immediately put the phone on Lost Mode, which locks the phone and displays a message for the finder to call you at another number. (I used my friend's number.) When this didn't help, I hit the "Play Sound" button which plays a loud annoying noise that makes whoever found the phone immediately aware that the phone they have isn't theirs and the owner knows exactly where it is. Still, after doing this a few times- no answer, no text back, blah. Then I called the cab company and everything in my life got better. They let me know that the cab driver worked nights, so he probably wouldn't be back on duty until 8 or 9 at night. Then I realized that he probably wouldn't even be awake until the evening anyway, since he picked us up at 5AM. (I don't want to talk about it.) I continued checking on the location of my phone throughout the day and was happy to see that it remained in the same location the all day, supporting my "fast asleep cabbie" theory.

Cut to 9:00 at night. Established contact with the cab driver, via a very helpful man at the cab company, who told me he had my phone and would be happy to drive it to me. He dropped the phone off by 11:00pm, and all I had to pay for was cab fare and a tip. I couldn't believe it worked out so well. Like, a gift from God. Just perfectly simple and easy. I feel SO lucky that it didn't turn out to be a worst case scenario. Granted, I still had about a million freak outs and stress attacks before getting my phone back, but in the end it all worked out. So take my advice on this one- if you have an iPhone, install the Find My iPhone App NOW. Do it. It will make you feel 100x better if and when you're an idiot like me and misplace your iPhone in the back of a cab.


  1. I really always think this will NEVER happen to me and it is why I've never downloaded it. After this story though it's getting put into the phone later on today. Glad that it ended up well for you!

  2. I am downloading Find my iPhone as we speak.


  3. PWEF! I had anxiety just reading this post. I had that app on my old phone and you've reminded me I didn't re-dwld it onto my new one so thank you!! Glad all is well!

  4. that mini panic attack i have when my phone is lost in my purse ...i can't imagine what you went through. SO HAPPY it worked out for you! and keep that glowstick as a trophy hhaaha

  5. Womps so glad it worked out this well!! I had a similar disaster last year on the metro - also a VERY late return to campus, had my iPhone in my back phone, jumped off the train and POOF my phone was gone. I had a few drinks in me, was panicky, and did the same thing - find my iPhone saves the day! SOMEHOW it managed to ride all the way down to the end of the line, got picked up by the driver, and turned into the safety office. (In retrospect, I think my saving grave was it falling out of my pocket -> I kicked it with my heel (UH, otterbox case saving me as well) -> it slid under a seat/out of sight.) So all I had to do was ride down and pick it up! I mean, I got yelled at by a very angry woman who didn't even work at the department, saying that kids these days just don't care about their phones, such a lot of money, should be more careful...blah...blah...anyway. So glad your phone got recovered!!!

  6. I had this happen to me on NYE in Boston. I accidentally left it in a cab, used Find My Phone and the cab drive dropped it back off at my hotel. so amazing!

  7. That story ended so well! I'm happy the cab guy was so nice to keep it for you!

  8. Yay for returned phones! I'm downloading that app right now, because let's be honest: it will happen to me.

  9. Ist ja doch noch alles gut gegangen mit deinem iPhone.


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