Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I tend to think of myself as a pretty "hip" person. (Do people use the word "hip" anymore? What's the hot lingo- kewl? Rad? Totes bomb? The bomb dot com? I'm old.) I also tend to think I have good taste in music. As lame as it sounds, it's probably one of my favorite things to have someone tell me they like an artist I've recommended, tweeted about or posted on my blog. Helping people discover new music makes me ridiculously happy- like giggly happy. Sure, some people help people by volunteering at soup kitchens and doing good in the world. Me? I just help people by improving their taste in music. 

Okay, but seriously- being ahead of the trend is such a cool feeling. But it's one of those things that you're not actually supposed to admit you like, right? It's not kosher to say "Oh, I listened to The Lumineers WAY before they were on the radio" because then everyone thinks you're a douche. And it's true- if you say things like that, you probably are a douche. So don't be like that. But I can unequivocally say that I have been listening to DJ/Producer, Le Youth in some form or another for longer than nearly everyone else on the planet... Mainly because Le Youth (otherwise known as Wes James) is actually my brother and grew up in the room next to me. See? All you have to do to be ahead of the trend is be related to someone who's super talented. Easy enough! Even before he was making music, Wes was blasting music in his room, creating this pseudo-soundtrack to my childhood. Were it not for him, I never would have grown up listening to three of my all-time favorite artists- Nirvana, Elliott Smith and Death Cab for Cutie (or more recently- STRFKR and Disclosure.) Sure, my first introduction was muffled through the wall separating our bedrooms when we were younger, but I almost preferred it that way. I learned to decipher lyrics through the wall (let me tell you- trying to understand Bush lyrics with additional muffling is nearly impossible) and I now actually miss going to sleep to the sounds of a hand picked playlist provided by my brother. Any semblance of good music taste that I have is due in large part (if not entirely) to Wes. And thank god for that- without music, I don't know where I would be.

All of this is to say that I am super stoked to share with you all my brother Wes's very first music video, for his song "C O O L"

I'm so extremely proud, it would probably just annoy everyone if I actually explained how I feel about all of the amazing things going on for him right now. Suffice it to say that this day has been a long time coming and I'm so excited for everyone to see how talented my big brother is- I am so lucky to be his little sister. 

If you want to listen to more of Le Youth's music (AND YOU BETTER!)- here's his Soundcloud. Also, sometimes he tweets funny things. 

PS- I was on set for this video shoot and had THE best time. Everyone was SO nice- especially the model. She was gorgeous, super sweet, AND she skateboards. SERIOUSLY. Like, I want to grow up to be her... And I'm pretty sure I'm older than her, too. So, that's where things are at in my life. 


  1. Hi Carmen,

    Hope you are well :-)
    Just listened to C O O L.Absolutely love it!!!!
    I have been playing the tune non-stop which would normally bug my brother but even he admitted it sounded cool (LOL).
    Congrats to your brother (and you too) - will definitely listen to more

    Take care - best for the future (both of you)


  2. Who. Is. That. Model?? :O :'-) .


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