Monday, April 22, 2013

Mixtape Monday V13

I think you can tell a lot about a person by their favorite band/artist. Sure, if someone's answer to that question is "Dave Matthew's Band" you should probably run screaming in the opposite direction (no offense), but I always find people's answers to the question "What's your favorite band?" very telling. That is- if people actually answer the question. Most people avoid it and say it's the hardest question ever. It's a tough call to make- so many greats out there. But my answer has pretty much always been the same- Nirvana. For me, they've just always been the be-all and end-all to rock music. I can (and sometimes do) listen to their music for hours upon hours. There's just something about the melodies, lyrics, Kurt's vocals and just the general awesomeness of their music that I just love. Truth be told, I'm a pretty gigantic Kurt Cobain fan. So much so that I actually have his mean mug tattooed on my arm. Trust me- I get a LOT of questions about it/weird looks because of it, but I love it so much! I figured it might be time to share that "tattoo" story here on the blog- it's definitely an interesting one. But first! I wanted to give those of you who haven't listened to his music a chance to thoroughly enjoy the raw grunge magnetism of Nirvana, with a carefully crafted playlist featuring only my favorite of favorite Nirvana songs. (My all-time favorite Nirvana song is their cover of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" at their MTV Unplugged in New York session. I'm also partial to their cover of The Vaselines song "Molly's Lips." BUT- my favorite original Nirvana song is "About A Girl." Runner up- "Drain You." Clearly, I really like ranking things/picking favorites. It's kind of a problem.) ANYWAY- enjoy the best that the 90s have to offer:

1. About A Girl
2. Sliver
3. Love Buzz
4. Smells Like Teen Spirit
5. Drain You
6. Floyd The Barber
7. Territorial Pissings
8. In Bloom
9. Dumb
10. Heart-Shaped Box
11. Something In The Way
12. Where Did You Sleep Last Night
13. All Apologies
14. Molly's Lips
15. Molly's Lips (Original Vaselines version)

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  1. Oh ha ha I DO like of Dave Mathews band, it's not my favourite but it's good;) I'm one of those who can't decide favourite band or artist, since there is so many great out there. I can always say what I love to listen at the moment but it changes all the time.


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