Friday, May 17, 2013

Building A Summer T-Shirt Collection

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The heat goes up, the clothes come off. At least that's how I'm feeling lately. As the temperature inches higher and higher in Los Angeles, I'm finding more and more excuses to ditch my regular clothes in favor of the rattiest t-shirts in my closet. Something about the heat makes me just want to throw on my "play clothes" and run outside. Remember play clothes? They're what your Mom made you wear when you played outside with your friends- clothes you're allowed to get dirty. Well, when sweating is basically a prerequisite for existing, I immediately grab my adult play clothes. Unfortunately, most of the t-shirts in my dresser are from like 1998, so I'm desperately in need of an update. Who says t-shirts can't be cute? Just because I'm sweating and dying of heat exhaustion doesn't mean I can't look adorable! Bring it on, Summer. I'm going to be so freaking cute in my casual new LA look, you're going to have no choice but to bask in my awesomeness.

On that note- can someone buy me all of these t-shirts? I would wear the heck out of the "Boo you whore" t-shirt! As a bonus, it acts as a friend attracter. You can't tell me you wouldn't immediately walk up to a girl wearing that t-shirt and start spouting off Mean Girls quotes. Insta-bff maker! Love it.


  1. omg, the "boo you whore" shirt may be my favorite thing in the world. I love white T's with a fun pop graphic with high waisted shorts - summer uniform! :)

  2. Mean Girls has done so much for the sister hood, it really bonds you with other females! I quote Mean Girls & Romy + Michelles Highschool Reunion in every day life so much I hardly notice it anymore!


  3. These are so cut really like the mean girls line, the breakfast club and LA ones. Pity we're heading into winter over here.

  4. Such a great summer collection. I loved all six t shirts which you mentioned over here. These all are best for the summers.


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