Friday, May 31, 2013

Current Netflix Recommendations

I know some things. And I have many skills. Some of them useful (I can put together Ikea furniture like a pro), and some of them (most of them) useless (I am a veritable well of trivial reality TV knowledge.) But one thing that comes in handy at any dinner party and/or awkward social situation is my incredible breadth of Netflix movie knowledge. I'm telling you- I've seen them all. Or at least all the good ones. I've devoted countless hours to my laptop, screening indie dramas, rom coms, documentaries and the best of the low budget comedies Netflix has to offer. Never let it be said that I can't commit to something. My relationship with Netflix is the longest, most committed, loving relationship I've ever been in! (I'm really cool & have lots of boyfriends because dudes love me because I'm really cool and awesome and stuff.)

Today, my loving relationship pays off! I've rounded up some of my new favorites on Netflix- there's something in this list for everyone. With this upcoming weekend, be a cool kid and stay at home with your Netflix. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Let this weekend be the first weekend of the rest of your life. Say yes to love, yes to life, yes to staying in more!

For the professional grifter: A Bag of Hammers- Can I just say- ADORABLENESS! Jason Ritter & Jake Sandvig (who's a total babe & also co-wrote the movie) play professional car thieves that are forced to contemplate finally growing up when they discover their neighbor is neglecting her child. Man children meet actual child type of thing. Cuteness from start to finish. Plus, I love a good bromance movie.

For the adult version of Mean Girls: Bachelorette- Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fischer, Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott AND Rebel Wilson, all in one movie? Stop that! Too much awesomeness! The premise is this: when the "fat friend" gets married first, her three best friends accidentally do pretty much everything possible to ruin the wedding. Hilarity ensues. Also, again, I will reiterate- Adam Scott. Need I say more?

For the girl who gets drunk and makes bad decisions: The Pill- Ooooo gurl, we've all been there. Uptight dipwad Fred has to spend all day with his drunken one night stand, Mindy, in order to make sure she takes both doses of the morning after pill. (Who knew there were two doses?) This movie is totally quirky and strange, and completely gives you everything you want from an indie rom-com.

For those who refuse to grow up: A Good Old Fashioned Orgy- Another movie with all of my favorite humans? OK GREAT. Jason Sudeikis, Lake Bell, Nick Kroll, Martin Starr, and about a million other people star in this quirky comedy about a group of friends who spend their summer weekends in a huge party house in the Hamptons. But when they find out that the house is being sold, they have to come up with the ultimate final party. And what's better than a good old fashioned orgy? Definitely awkwardly sexual and totally hysterical. Plus, you get to see Jason Sudeikis with his shirt off!

For the music lover: Tonight You're Mine- OBSESSED. Full on. Want to watch it a million times forever and ever. When two musicians are handcuffed together at a huge music festival, they slowly go from hating each other to realizing they might be perfect for each other. The film was actually filmed over 5 days at the T in the Park festival in Scotland, so it has a super authentic feel to it. I'm all for anything that combines music, comedy and romance. Yes please!

For the horror movie enthusiast: The Cabin in the Woods- I actually saw this in the theater, but it holds up on the small screen, too. Five friends go on a vacation to a cabin in the woods and BUM BUM BUMMMM- turns out, they're in for more than drinking games and Truth or Dare. This movie is full of twists and turns and had me guessing up until the last second.

For the smart, documentary watcher: Lost Angels: Skid Row Is My Home- I have to be honest- I don't watch enough documentaries. It's just that they usually end up making me cry my eyes out or becoming full on obsessed with a small subset of society and constantly bringing it up in conversation so much so that people get annoyed. (Grey Gardens anyone? Still willing to have an 8 hour long conversation with everyone/anyone who's willing.) This doc about life on Skid Row (the area of Los Angeles, not the band) made me legit SOB out loud for like a good 20 minutes, and I've already lost like 3 friends because I won't stop asking them "Hey, did you watch that documentary about Skid Row yet?" Seriously though, this doc investigates the lives of a few extremely interesting people living in the Skid Row community and sheds light on the homeless community living in downtown Los Angeles.

Those are my current recommendations! What have you been watching on Netflix lately?


  1. Awesome, I just got Netflix so I'm going to check these out later.

    feathers and ash

  2. Thank you for thissss. I always pass by ones that look interesting but I'm not sure if I want to commit an hour and half+ to.. haha. I totes watched Bachelorette and Cabin in the woods though. Too funny. Netflix is probably the best boyf you could ask for.

  3. Thanks for the great recommendations! I'm always looking for something new to watch.

    Also, "Grey Gardens" is a thing everyone needs to be obsessed with. Probably the best documentary in the history of existence.

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  5. okay, let's try this again. :)
    I am dying to see a bunch of these. especially Bag of Hammers since my professor's son directed it!

  6. I've seen most of these movies so great minds think alike? Haha.
    "Tonight, You're Mine" might be my favorite. Luke Treadaway is nerd dreamy!

  7. I've watched and enjoyed two of those so I bet I would love the others too! You have good taste :) the Pill sounds perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon!

  8. Cabin in the Woods is one of the best movies I have seen this year!

  9. Omg! The dude's girlfriend in the Pill is Vada from My Girl!!! Crazy!



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