Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day in Silverlake

I love a good holiday weekend. There was something about this weekend that just had LA feeling so relaxed and mellow. No honking horns, no ringing phones, no drama- just 3 days of relaxation and happiness. Can't beat it. Growing up, Memorial Day meant family BBQs and lounging poolside. The Los Angeles version of that is a little different: Skinny Girl Margaritas in Disney Princess cups and lounging by the Silverlake Reservoir. Who says alcohol and childhood keepsakes don't mix? Malarkey! Yesterday, my roommate, Caitlyn, and I hiked over to the Reservoir for some daytime drinking and laying out. (Also, spotted one of my favorite actors EVER- Charlie Day- being all normal and stuff with his wife and kid. Perks of living in LA! Random celeb sightings!) Afterwards, we stopped by Pazzo Gelato for Silverlake's most delicious gelato. Perfection.

Funny story: While partaking in some delicious White Peach Margaritas, a toddler approached us, we assumed just out of curiosity. At first, I was confused as to what she was doing. But it soon became clear. As she picked up the Disney Princess cup, it was as if life went in slow motion. Caitlyn and I, along with the toddler's Mom (who apparently knew what the eff was up with our alcoholic picnic) all reached for the cup shouting "Nooooooooooo!" As we snatched the beverage back from the clutches of the tiny child, Caitlyn and I awkwardly laughed, realizing how silly the situation was. The Mom did NOT find this amusing. Instead, she snatched up her toddler and whisked her away, leaving us feeling pretty ridiculous. Oooops! Next time, we'll have to be a little more careful about flashing our Disney Princess cups in a field full of children! It took everything in me not to yell out, "No, no, honey. That's Mommy's special juice!"


  1. looks like youre having a blast in LA. i have to come visit u :)

    1. YES PLEASE!!! You'd love LA. We have sunshine, palm trees and a ridiculous amount of Mexican restaurants :)


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