Monday, May 20, 2013

Mixtape Monday v15

Happy Monday, loves! This Monday also happens to be my birthday. I can't believe I'm actually 25. That sounds so substantial, doesn't it? When I was little, 25 was the age by which I knew I'd be married and living in a house complete with a dog and a white picket fence. HA! Couldn't be further from the truth. And that's fine by me. At 25, I feel less prepared than ever to "settle down." I just now feel like I'm figuring myself out- why I do what I do and why I am the way I am. Kind of an important part of being an adult, I think. But sometimes, (especially recently) I get too caught up in my head and forget about just being present in the moment. And so, I have decided to make the overarching theme of  my 25th year intentional presence, and consistently make an effort to be present and in the moment. I think we could all use a little "intentional presence" in our lives. Anyway, on this birthday Monday, I've decided to put a playlist together full of my all out emo/pop punk/punk/singer-songwriter favorites. After all, it's my birthday and I'll get emo if I want to!

1. The Menzingers / Burn After Writing
2. Against Me! / Bamboo Bones
3. I Am The Avalanche / Holy Fuck
4. The Front Bottoms / Maps
5. Polar Bear Club / Pawner
6. The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die / Victim Kin Seek Suit
7. Man Overboard / Love Your Friends, Die Laughing
8. Mansions / Dig Up The Dead
9. Now, Now / Dead Oaks
10. Good Old War / Can't Go Home
11. Fences / Sadie
12. The Middle East / Blood
13. The Lonely Forest / Coyote
14. The Gaslight Anthem / Here's Looking At You, Kid

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  1. Awesome! Happy birthday! I just turned 25 as well and I think I feel about the same way...

    Christen Louise
    feathers and ash

  2. Aw I love the pop punk throwback. :]]] Happy birthday!


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