Friday, May 24, 2013

ModCloth // A-Line Dress Obsession

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For my birthday this past Monday, I got a gift certificate to ModCloth, home to the world's most adorable dresses. Of course, I've wasted no time in putting in some serious research on the ModCloth site. I've been looking through their dresses non-stop. Only issue is- I can't pick one! I've found SO many that I'm in love with, I'm having a hard time choosing. One thing is for sure though, every dress I've been swooning over on their site is an A-Line dress. There's something about that silhouette that I just love! For my body-type, it's definitely the most flattering cut. You can't go wrong when you're cinched in at the waist! Also, I noticed that nearly every dress I picked out was mint green or blue. I'm a little bit obsessed, to say the least. Now I just have to decide which dress is worthy of the almighty gift certificate purchase. Decisions, decisions...

Which one would you buy?


  1. such a cute roundup! and that style is always so flattering and adorable. i'm loving mint right now, and that glasses print is pretty adorable!!



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