Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mixtape Monday v18 {On a Tuesday}

Hello there. It's been a few weeks, yeah? Unintentional blogging break again. Sometimes those are good though, right? A little therapeutic. I tend to get pretty wrapped up in my thoughts as is, so it's probably good to just stop the mental presses for a while. Things have been a bit crazy as of late, but we'll get into that a bit later. Part crazy good, part crazy bad. For now, I am here to share my favorite thing, the actual most therapeutic thing: music.

First off- my brother, LE YOUTH (not his actual birth name, SHOCKINGLY), has the Record of the Week on Nick Grimshaw's morning show on BBC Radio 1! (Listen in at 54:00.) I'm a proud little sister. Couldn't be more excited about that.

Other than that, I've got a vaguely depressing playlist for you this Tuesday morning.  I had this all ready to publish yesterday (given that it's supposed to be Mixtape Monday) but because I'm SO out of the habit of blogging, I totally forgot. Weird how you can adjust to not doing something you used to do nearly every single day, huh? Well, I won't promise that my updates will get more frequent anytime soon, but I certainly hope so. I've got an open schedule this weekend, so maybe I'll finally sit down at my computer and write. Just maybe.

1. Delta Rae / Bottom of the River
2. Lana Del Rey / Young and Beautiful
3. MS MR / Hurricane
4. Bad Books / It Never Stops
5. Sleeping At Last / I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
6. Owen / Blues to Black
7. Frank Tuner / Recovery
8. Against Me! / Sink, Florida, Sink
9. Jackson Scott / That Awful Sound
10. Arctic Monkeys / Do I Wanna Know?
11. Grouplove / Ways To Go
12. Regina Spektor / You've Got Time
13. Anthony Green / Love You No Matter What

Listen: Spotify / Grooveshark


  1. How exciting! I've always wanted a successful sibling... so I can reap the benefits! I'm joking (kind of). I don't think i've heard the song, (nick grimshaw's show is on WAY too early for me) but i'll have to look it up.

    Hope the bad crazy stuff isn't too bad and that in your own time, you get back to writing/blogging soon!


  2. Aaah Grouplove is def one of my fave artists right now! They're coming to my city in October, I'm stoked to see them! :)

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy


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